John Blue


John Blue

Pirate's Son

Cascades Recording Company (CRC9901)

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One of Tallahassee's best-known songwriters, this CD is the debut full-length recording of John Blue's music. It features several of his best loved tunes, such as "Train," "Anna Marie Island," "Sail Away," and the title track "Pirate's Son."

Produced by Del Suggs and Pete Winter, this project was recorded by Winter with his vintage collection of Neumann microphones using the ProTools 24 system. This computer recording system actually records in higher quality that a compact disc can reproduce, and enables the entire recording process to be done in the digital domain.

A number of national recording artists performed on this CD, including Pierce Pettis, Bill Wharton, David Webb, Drew Reid and Suggs. Some of the other featured artists are conspicuous members of Tallahassee's musical community, such as Jon Copps, David Murphy, Bob Jennings, Danica Winter, Rick Smith, Jim McKenzie, and Chris Tarquinio.

TThe new CD has been distributed to radio stations across the US, and to network stations in Europe. It is receiving airplay across the country.

Compact Disc $14.99

The Cascades Collection

Cascades Recording Company
This singer/songwriter compact disc is a compilation featuring John Blue and sixteen other contemporary artists. Included is John's "Love Song". It features Del Suggs, Mimi Hearn, Hal Shows, David Murphy, Ben Edmund, Lucia Fishburne, Jim Dallas, Jon Copps, Eddie McFarland, Charlie Harvey, Reed Mahoney, Michael Tanner, Dan Johns, Bruce Graybeal, Howard Rubin and Wayne DeWeil. Produced by Del Suggs, it has received extensive airplay across the US and Europe. It has also been widely reviewed, and praised for bringing new attention to Florida's gifted songwriters. (See also The Cascades Collection)

Compact Disc $14.99

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